Trinite Estate Acaibo 2016 The Wine Gate Shop
Trinite Estate Acaibo 2016 The Wine Gate Shop
Trinite Estate Acaibo 2016 The Wine Gate Shop
Trinite Estate Acaibo 2016 The Wine Gate Shop

California – Chalk Hill, Sonoma County

Trinite Estate Acaibo 2016

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The estate

Eager for new challenges, it is far from the Médoc and their respective heritages (3 Grands Crus Classés in 1855) that Claire and Gonzague Lurton embarked on a joint adventure in 2012: to create their own vineyard, to give birth to wines that resemble them. In search of an exceptional terroir, they chose to move to California for three years with their children. Their choice was a 10-hectare vineyard nestled in the heart of Sonoma County, in Chalk Hill, at the crossroads of iconic appellations: Russian River, Knight's Valley and Alexander Valley. An ideal environment for the Bordeaux grape varieties, which will be able to flourish in the sunny Californian micro-climate, but everything has to be built: there is no winery and the vines have to be partially replanted.

Today, Acaibo is among the elite of Sonoma wines. An accomplishment then, despite the risk taken.

" A great wine is intimately linked to a land." - This is the philosophy of Claire and Gonzague Lurton.

The vineyard

The vineyard covers 24 acres, equivalent to 10 hectares. The soil is composed of clayey silt resting on a bedrock of compacted volcanic ash.

Nestled in the heart of Chalk Hill, in the Sonoma region, the 24-acre vineyard is located at the crossroads of California's greatest appellations: Russian River, Knight's Valley and Alexander Valley. Combining the excellence of Bordeaux know-how with the generosity of California's clay and volcanic soils, Acaibo, the iconic wine, is made from the Bordeaux grape varieties Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet-Franc.

Claire and Gonzague Lurton have chosen to bring their own style to the land of Sonoma. They combined their French winemaking experience with the challenge of adapting the ancestral techniques of Bordeaux to the arid environment of Chalk Hill, and set out to discover all the specificities of this vineyard and climate.

On the hills of Chalk-Hill, the soils are particularly hard and the viticulture very different from the experience of the Medoc terroir. The climate varies over a wide range of temperatures (very cool nights and very sunny, hot days). The arid summer conditions have led most Californian vineyards to use irrigation on a very regular basis. The Lurtons have chosen to be very careful and only irrigate their vines once or twice a year with water from ponds on the property. A connected system allows them to control and regulate the water supply, taking into account the real needs of the vines.

Finally, following the example of their Bordeaux practice, the Lurtons have of course chosen to manage the vineyard according to organic farming methods. The notion of agro-ecology, that is to say, of living soils, has been present in the United States for longer than in France and the practice of using plant cover crops has been in place from the start. These plant coverings also help to fix the morning humidity in the form of very abundant dew caused by the strong temperature contrasts between the nights and the days.

"Adapting ancestral Bordeaux viticultural techniques to the arid environment and volcanic, sloping soils of Chalk Hill" - Claire & Gonzague Lurton

The Vintage

Acaibo, a four-handed vineyard created by Gonzague & Claire Lurton in 2012, is located in Sonoma Valley, in the heart of California's volcanic and mountainous landscape.

Acaibo combines the tradition of Bordeaux know-how, with the solar character of Sonoma. A powerful and bold wine.

The wines present an aromatic bouquet of fresh fruits, spices and chocolatey notes as well as roasted. In the mouth, the harmony operates between freshness and density.

The season started as one of the driest ever, with only 40% of normal mid-season rainfall.
April rains invigorated the soils and vines.
A classic spring and summer without extremes, which allowed the grapes to ripen perfectly and reach a perfect concentration. The excellent sanitary state of the grapes and the beautiful conditions at the end of the summer made it possible to harvest each parcel in an optimal way.
2016 is a magnificent vintage.


  • Domain Trinite Estate
  • Color
  • Vintage 2016
  • Variety 72% Cabernet Sauvignon
    18% Cabernet Franc
    10% Merlot
  • Culture Sustainable agriculture
  • Alcohol degrees14°

Tasting Notes

Eye, bouquet, palate

Acaibo 2016 has a wild side, very interesting in the mouth. Its spicy, cinnamon and licorice notes are accompanied by black fruits and a pleasant saline minerality. Intensely perfumed and elegant, this wine has a beautiful finesse. Acaibo is a structured wine with great aging potential and freshness.



Drinking window


Wine and food pairing

Acaibo 2016 x Chilli. A pairing that perfectly links the generosity of Acaibo 2016 and the power of chili pepper. The chili pepper, a true flavor enhancer, magnifies the fruity and spicy notes of the cuvée, while revealing the flavors of the dish in which it is incorporated. The minerality of the cuvée brings a nice freshness to the whole! Recipes: Chocolate and Espelette pepper fondant / Beef with Piquillo pepper sauce