Château la Verrerie Hautes Collines Blanc 2021 The Wine Gate Shop
Château la Verrerie Hautes Collines Blanc 2021 The Wine Gate Shop
Château la Verrerie Hautes Collines Blanc 2021 The Wine Gate Shop
Château la Verrerie Hautes Collines Blanc 2021 The Wine Gate Shop

Provence – IGP Méditerranée

Château la Verrerie Hautes Collines Blanc 2021

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Full description

The estate

On the borders of the Luberon regional natural park, Château la Verrerie is located. A few kilometers from Lourmarin, one of the most beautiful villages in France. To the north, the Côtes du Rhône wines, including Châteauneuf-du-Pape; to the south, those of the Côtes de Provence. On the edge, this terroir of the Luberon massif. A geographical situation apart that expresses the wines of the domain, in red, white and rosé. So many vintages, reflections of our soils.
These terroirs are cut into the landscape so precisely, nestled in the heights, taking
in everything the four seasons of the Luberon have to offer; this is our guiding
principle. Our vineyards need close observation, thorough reflection, and a little
f ree thinking on our part. That’s a winemaker’s guide to an even finer product.
We raise the quality of wine to its highest pitch and its finest tenor, all through
the flavours of Provence.

“it’s thirty-five years since the very first time that our family stayed at la verrerie. Back then, it was only twenty hectares or so of vineyards scattered among olive groves. We had the essentials. streams of water everywhere; at the foot of a three-hundred-year-old oak, by a waterwheel first turned by the ancient romans, at the fountain... a fresh breeze would blow over the hills of the Luberon, no matter the time of year. My grandfather immediately realised the value of that natural freshness. It calls for something new and continues to inspire our approach, even today. It’s about celebrating a graceful simplicity in
winemaking between provence and the rhône valley. Through our wines, we want to share our love for the provencal way of life, and the exquisite skill in traditional crafts, beautifully, painstakingly and carefully made.”

Christopher Descours Owner, Château La Verrerie

Le vignoble

Three plateaus form a sort of mineral triad, providing us with a constant surge of
positive energy. This energy is the fuel behind Valentine Tardieu Vitali, the woman in charge of Château La Verrerie’s future, from its vineyards to its wines.
_ The Jas de Méry, truly the equal of the great terroirs of Châteauneuf,
where you might also find a piece of bronze from the time of Roman
Emperor Constantine!
_ The plateau around la Bastide, the world’s end near the forest,
with soils of incredible sands and deep marls.
_ The terroir found around Chais, with soils rich in chalk and clay,
and the summit of Grand Deffand, famous for its limestone.

We winegrowers are careful gardeners. For a truly individual style, we let each
terroir express itself. We reveal the real nature of each terroir from a whole kaleidoscope of grape varieties, growing across the many plots that make up our estate. Every one of these plots has an identity all of its own, and each vinestock has something of its own. We tailor our care to each of these plots, which means considering their ecosystem, their history, and their individual vinestocks. It means choosing Organic and, in future, going even further, as we follow the principles of Biodynamic Agriculture.
Our love of the soil knows no bounds. We treasure Château la Verrerie, shining in the sun of Southern France, radiating a joy and vibrancy that make the Luberon so special. We work hard every day, as artisans of a new world, to show the best of our
terroir and let the world know just how precious it is. Château la Verrerie has a soul all of its own and I’m sure you will treasure its unique collections just as much as we do.”

The Vintage

After a dry and particularly mild winter, the bud break of the vines was very early, and the vines suffered the
early April f rost. The month of May was gloomy, with rain and below-normal seasonal temperatures that delayed the vine’s growth cycle. The weather improved in June, and although it didn’t rain, the summer offered a good range of day and night temperatures, allowing the beautiful aromatic quality of the grapes to develop.


At the end of August, some grape varieties, including the syrah, started to show signs of water stress, causing major yield loss, despite the high quality. The harvest began ten days later than a so-called «normal» year. Then frequent rainfall set in, forcing us to carry out a rather drastic crop sorting in our constant search for excellence, obviously resulting in a significant loss of yield. In the end, the quality is there; the wines turned out to be very high in aromatic quality and well-balanced.


  • Domain Château la Verrerie
  • Vineyard Lubéron
  • Color
  • Vintage 2021
  • Classification IGP
  • Variety 47% BOURBOULENC
  • Culture Organic
  • Alcohol degrees13°
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Tasting Notes

Eye, bouquet, palate

Robe : The robe, clear, brilliant and crystalline is a beautiful pale golden yellow with silver reflections.

Nose: The first nose is immediately evocative of floral notes such as hawthorn or honeysuckle. As the wine is aired, some subtle notes of white fruits, mixed with the soft scent of roasted hazelnuts suggest the delicacy of the oak barrel ageing. Then we detect delicate mineral notes.

Palate: The first sensation gives an impression of a very good balance. The wine has a beautiful structure, with a smooth flesh, which is completed by a nice freshness. The mid-palate is elegant, with a nice unctuousness and some floral touches that complete this moment of tasting and the wine offers discreet toasted notes in the end.



Drinking window

3 years

Wine and food pairing

Veal sweetbreads with crispy breading and seasonal vegetables. Barley risotto with gamberoni and carapace juice. Idea Veggie: zucchini flower fritters.