Château Galoupet 2021 The Wine Gate Shop
Château Galoupet 2021 The Wine Gate Shop
Château Galoupet 2021 The Wine Gate Shop
Château Galoupet 2021 The Wine Gate Shop

Provence – Côtes de Provence

Château Galoupet 2021

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The estate

Château Galoupet is a Cru Classé de Provence, within the Côtes de Provence appellation, consisting of 77 hectares of classified woods and 69 hectares of vines. This biodiversity sanctuary was acquired in 2019 by Moët Hennessy. Following almost 3 years of complete overhaul in order to develop an exceptional and exemplary expression of this unique terroir that is Provence, Château Galoupet Cru Classé Rosé 2021, in organic conversion, is the first vintage revealed.

The vineyard

Château Galoupet is a locality present on the maps of France since the 18th century

Château Galoupet is a "lieu-dit", i.e. a vineyard with well-defined contours. It is mentioned on a map dating from the beginning of the reign of Louis XIV, and its layout has not changed since then, even though fifteen owners have succeeded each other in 250 years.


In the 20th century, the estate saw an increasing number of owners. Some took good care of it, others less so, so much so that today the natural ecosystem is weakened. The soils have been damaged by chemical inputs, the biodiversity has been damaged by human activities and fires. The vine has suffered and the identity of the terroir is threatened.


Château Galoupet has no clearly identified founder. It is a spectacular vineyard, but also a classified wood.In July 2019, when Jessica Julmy, the refounder, first lays eyes on this sleeping beauty, she sees the opportunity to save 69 hectares of vines in a mecca of biodiversity, but also the urgent need to protect the local fauna and flora. She also saw the possibility of creating exceptional organic wines, respecting the environment and inspiring a new generation of winemakers and wine lovers.

The Vintage

After 3 years of examining the soils, caring for the vines and bringing Nature back to life on the estate, Château Galoupet, a Cru Classé de Provence since 1955, aims to offer an exceptional and exemplary expression of the unique terroir that is Provence, more respectful of the environment, from the earth to the glass.

Château Galoupet Cru Classé Rosé 2021 is presented in a 70% recycled amber glass bottle weighing 499 grams.

Galoupet Cru Classé Rosé 2021 is a pure terroir wine where minerality meets smoothness, grapefruit zest mingles with peach aromas, with a long mineral finish.

This rich aromatic palette is created thanks to the unique terroirs of Château Galoupet, with its 69 hectares of vines and 77 hectares of classified woodland, in the heart of "Provence Cristalline".


  • Domain Château Galoupet
  • Color
  • Vintage 2021
  • Classification Cru classé
  • Variety 49% Grenache
    15% Syrah
    15% Tibouren
    12% Rolle
    7% Cinsault
    2% Mourvèdre, Cabernet, Sémillon
  • Culture Undergoing biodynamic conversion
  • Alcohol degrees13.5°

Tasting Notes

Eye, bouquet, palate

A complex and intense nose of white fruits (peach), citrus, bitter almonds accompanied by delicate floral aromas.

In the mouth, a round, ample and structured wine with a long and mineral finish evoking the Mediterranean sea breeze that blows on the vineyard.


Wine and food pairing

From the aperitif to the spicy green curry, through the lamb chops with rosemary