Château de Beaucastel Hommage à Jacques Perrin 2015 The Wine Gate Shop
Château de Beaucastel Hommage à Jacques Perrin 2015 The Wine Gate Shop
Château de Beaucastel Hommage à Jacques Perrin 2015 The Wine Gate Shop

Rhône – Châteauneuf-du-Pape

Château de Beaucastel Hommage à Jacques Perrin 2015

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The estate

Château de Beaucastel, a family story for five generations…

We can find the first evidence of Château de Beaucastel as it exists today in the sixteenth century.
In 1549, Pierre de Beaucastel bought a « barn with a plot of land extending to 52 saumées at
Coudoulet ». The manor house will be built then with the arms of Beaucastel sculpted on a stone wall of the drawing room.

In 1687, Pierre de Beaucastel was appointed « Capitaine de la ville de Courthezon » by Louis XIV, in recognition of his conversion to Catholicism. Louis XIV’s letter, also signed by Colbert, is still visible at the Château.

In 1909, Pierre Tramier leads the wine estate and then transfers it to his son-in-law Pierre Perrin, a scientist that developed Beaucastel. Then Jacques Perrin continued his father efforts until 1978 and gave its noble letters to this wine.

Today, the torch is being carried by Jean-Pierre and François, Jacques Perrin’s sons that continue the beautiful story of Château de Beaucastel. Marc, Pierre, Thomas, Cécile, Charles, Matthieu and César, the 5th generation, work today all together with them.

Beaucastel is, first of all, a family story, the story of Famille Perrin. Their main strength is being
able to blend the talents of each family member to run the wine estate under common values:
absolute respect for land and terroir, biodynamic culture as a philosophy of life, the research of
truth, balance and elegance.

The vineyard

Beaucastel’s terroir is marked by the Rhone violence. It is made with a layer of marine molasses (sandstone) from the Miocene period, covered by alpine alluvium. The presence of a great number of rounded stones, known as « galets », bear evidence of the time when the Rhone, a torrent at this time, tore fragments of rocks from the Alps and deposited them along its course.

The meso-climate plays an important role with a low rainfall, beautiful sunshine and spectacular temperature differences. Here, the « galets » make an essential contribution to the quality of the vintage: they retain the heat of the day and radiate it to the vines during the night. The Mistral wind that blows through the very old vines, with gnarled roots, dries and clean the vines planted in the traditional style called «gobelet».

Organically grown since the sixties and exclusively hand-picked, the grapes are carefully sorted when they arrived at the cellar. Only the best grapes will be kept and vinified. After total de-stemming, the harvest is vinified in traditional temperature-controlled vats for 15 days, before aging in oak barrels.

In order to reveal their character, aromas and originality, the 13 grape varieties of Château de
Beaucastel vineyards are vinified separately.

The art of blending, passed down from generation to generation in Famille Perrin, impart character to the Beaucastel wines. After the blending is done, the wine is stocked in oak barrels where it will age for one year. Only racking operations will disturb this rest. The wine matures slowly in Beaucastel’s cellar until the moment is right to bottling. The bottles will then be kept at the chateau for another year.

The Vintage

2015 was an exceptional vintage with near-perfect climate conditions, which indicates a historical vintage.
After a hot and rather humid winter, the vines are in perfect condition by the time spring arrives. The spring is idyllic with sunny, hot and dry weather punctuated by beneficial rain.
Flowering takes place in perfect conditions on perfectly healthy vines. These exceptional climatic conditions continue into the summer with the hottest July in 50 years and a beautiful month of August offering particularly favourable thermal amplitudes. These unbelievable conditions continue until harvest that took place in ideal conditions with sunny days, cool nights and an episode of
strong mistral to maintain healthy, beautiful and fully matured grapes. After this magical year, the wines predict to be grandiose and will mark the history of the Perrin Family.


  • Domain Château de Beaucastel
  • Vineyard Côtes du Rhône Méridionales
  • Color
  • Vintage 2015
  • Classification Cru
  • Variety 60% Mourvèdre
    20% Syrah
    20% Grenache
  • Culture Organic
  • Alcohol degrees15°

Tasting Notes

Eye, bouquet, palate

2015 is distinguished by exceptional conditions, perfection on the terroir of Hommage to Jacques Perrin. The nose immediately impresses with its power and elegance with remarkable aromatic complexity of the fruit. Absolute finesse, the palate is perfectly balanced, with fine and velvety tannins. Simply sublime.



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