Château Angélus 2014 The Wine Gate Shop
Château Angélus 2014 The Wine Gate Shop
Château Angélus 2014 The Wine Gate Shop
Château Angélus 2014 The Wine Gate Shop

Bordeaux – Saint-Emilion

Château Angélus 2014

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The estate

The De Boüard de Laforest family has presided over the property since 1782. Carried to the highest rank by Hubert de Boüard, who headed the wine estate for over 30 years, Angelus is today managed by his daughter Stéphanie de Boüard-Rivoal, the third woman to have run the property in nearly 250 years. Taking great inspiration from the previous generations and with huge respect for the heritage that has been entrusted to her, and the great tradition to which she has fully committed, the young CEO has injected fresh impetus into the estate in order to enhance further the terroir expression of its wines and ensure a sustainable future for the family wine estate. Set in a natural amphitheatre, in which sounds are amplified, Angelus (today run by Stéphanie de Boüard) takes its name from a small plot of very old vines, from which the ringing of the angelus at the three local churches could be heard simultaneously. Over centuries, in the morning, at noon and in the evening, this ringing and the prayers to which it called worshipers, set a rhythm to each day’s work in the vines and fields. The bell on the label of the Château Angelus bottle pays homage to the origin of the name and to those moments of contemplation in the fields.

the vineyard

Angelus began life as an exceptionally well-situated vineyard close to the gates of the Saint-Emilion village, located specifically on the famous south-facing “pied de côte” (foot of the slope). Over the generations, the passion and determination of the De Boüard de Laforest family wrote the history of the estate, forging its destiny and fulfilling its potential. Covering 85 hectares in all, the property has 55 hectares in Saint-Emilion, of which 30 make up the historical core of the estate. Angelus is today one of the largest vineyards in the Saint-Emilion appellation. Acknowledged worldwide as one of the flagships of Bordeaux, Château Angelus conveys all the commitment and attachment of a family and team whose goal is excellence, to heighten the fundamental nature of a terroir. The Angelus signature is the alliance between an audacious grape variety and an outstanding terroir. It is that unique character that comes from the south-facing slope of Saint Emilion and the high proportion of Cabernet Franc that is always a joy to find in each vintage, year after year, with its richness, density, unctuosity, elegance, pedigree, purity and freshness. All these special characteristics contribute to the Angelus style : lush, dense and creamy because of the early onset of growth thanks to its “terroir”, but also elegant, classy and pure with lots of freshness thanks to the large proportion of Cabernet Franc (46% of the vines), and to the perfectly balanced distribution of limestone and clay in its soils.

The vintage

The Angélus signature is the marriage of a bold grape variety with an exceptional terroir. It is this unique character, born of the southern slopes of Saint-Emilion and its high proportion of Cabernet Franc, that we like to find over the years: richness, density, smoothness, elegance, breed, purity and freshness.

2014 vintage , nicknamed "L’Indien" is the 30th vintage made by Hubert de Boüard de Laforest, who describes it in this way:
This vintage didn't have much promise, although flowering had gone well.
Spring had been tricky, summer was hard, we had nothing but doubts except the fierce resolution that we would not give up and that we had to read the vines and understand their needs. We were continuously worried that the fruit would not be able to overcome the August rainfall and the September storms. Then from 30th August onwards, day after day of lovely weather and our confidence returned. We took risks and waited to start harvesting. Every day, we asked:
Do we start picking? No, we wait!
Finally, we picked the first Merlot grapes from the young vines on 2nd October, a golden month, warm and magnificent. The weather was so good, we delayed harvesting the old Merlot vines for a few days and waited for the Cabernet Franc grapes to ripen fully. This is how fickle calendars can be. A situation I had never seen before in my whole career as a winegrower! An ideal autumn for harvesting that just went on and on.
Who's the Indian? Nobody, but the summer was...


  • Domain Château Angélus
  • Vineyard Saint-Emilion
  • Color
  • Vintage 2014
  • Classification 1er grand cru classé A
  • Variety 50 % Merlot
    50 % Cabernet Franc
  • Culture Sustainable agriculture
  • Alcohol degrees13.5°
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Tasting Notes

Eye, bouquet, palate

This vintage has a very pure, elegant nose. The attack is clear, and the wine progressively gets bigger, reaching a very sophisticated balance between the magnificent quality of the tannins, substance, tension and freshness. There is 50% Cabernet Franc in the blend, which elevates the elegance of the wine’s tannic structure and makes the finish complex and long.



Drinking window


Wine and food pairing

Woodcock purée with Bazadaise sauce, roast duck with porcini mushrooms, pheasant terrine, truffled Brie cheese, old Chavignol cheese