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Caiarossa 2019 The Wine Gate Shop
Caiarossa 2019 The Wine Gate Shop

Tuscany – Toscana

Caiarossa 2019

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The estate

Named a er the red color of its land, Caiarossa was born different, guided by the principles of biodynamic agriculture. Totally created from scratch in 1998, it is characterized by a unique diversity of soils. In 2004, Eric Albada Jelgersma decided to find an estate in that special part of Italy that is the Tuscan coast,
to express the expertise he had acquired in Bordeaux, at Château Giscours.
He fell in love with this beautiful small estate applying the principles of biodynamic agriculture, located at the heart of the Mediterranean macchia shrubland, on the western slope of a hill overlooking the sea. Today, his children Dennis, Derk and Valérie are following in their father’s footsteps and keep pursuing its quest for precision in the elaboration of fine wines.

The vineyard

Caiarossa has a unique diversity of soils, altitudes, and varietals. The estate is divided into 3 vineyards. The oldest one is Podere Serra All’Olio, surrounding the winery. It was planted in 1998 at 225 meters on clay and limestone. Next to the windy valley of Cecina, Podere Le Lame is at 163 meters. Our highest vineyard is Nocolino at 350 meters, with a direct exposure to the sea wind, cooler temperature, and rare marly and volcanic soil. In total, these 47 parcels of 10 different varietals compose this unique patchwork of terroirs. Caiarossa follows the principles of Biodynamic agriculture since its beginning.
This philosophy requires full dedication to create a harmony between Nature and Human Being. One of the main objectives is increasing the vitality and resilience of the soil thanks to cover crops, biodynamic preparations and elaboration of our own compost.

At Caiarossa, we try to protect our ecosystem and live in connection with the rhythm of nature.

The vintage

The purest expression of thevineyards,Caiarossa shows all the complexity and the nobility of the land. The seven varieties in the blend weave together a perfect tapestry of the estate’s terroir.

A true expression of the luxury of nature.

The 2019 vintage will probably be remembered as one of the most homogeneous and qualitative of recent years. During the summer months, temperatures were average with cooler nights. There were 6 significative rains (3 in July and 3 in August) which avoided water stress and created the perfect conditions to start the ripening season. The harvest started a little later than usual: the first Merlot on 6 September, then in order, Syrah, Sangiovese, Grenache, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, finishing with Petit Verdot. The weather conditions were excellent! Great care was taken to select and harvest each grape from each plot in its most harmonious balance of freshness and ripeness.


  • Domain Caiarossa
  • Vineyard Podere Serra all’Olio
  • Color
  • Vintage 2019
  • Variety Cabernet Franc
    Cabernet Sauvignon
    Petit Verdot
  • Culture biodynamic
  • Alcohol degrees14.5°

Tasting Notes

Eye, bouquet, palate

An excellent vintage of Caiarossa, with creamy raspberry fruits and plenty of sappy tannins that give definition, together with higher acidity redcurrant fruit shot through with spiced rosemary, smoked earth and underbrush for Tuscan character, reflecting that 2019 is an excellent vintage, both generous and balanced. Caiarossa 2019 is a wine full and generous to the palate, yet it never feels heavy or too extracted. An intense, full-bodied yet very well-balanced and polished red with velvety, firm and caressing tannins. Ripe black plums, blueberries, chocolate, mocha, sweet spice and dried lavender.. Layered and full of character. The wine is balanced and fresh with thick layers of dark fruit, crushed stone, tobacco and exotic spice.



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Wine and food pairing

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Pork loin stuffed with grilled vegetables and roasted potatoes 

Roasted Lamb